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About Us

Welcome to DD Kids.

We are a family run children’s clothing boutique based in Essex established in 2011. We specialise in Traditional Spanish Children’s Clothing and Baby Wear.

Shop online today, our collections are hand picked and sourced from Spain. Browse our online store for beautiful traditional girls outfits, classic boys rompers and H bar sets (famously worn by Prince George) & our exclusive traditional baby range including our famous ‘Rochy Jam Pant Sets!’

All our products are handmade with the finest Spanish pique materials and exquisite Spanish laces & trims.

We work with the best Spanish designer brands including Miranda, Dolce Petit, Rochy, La Marquestia Real, La Amapola, Alves Creaciones & Many More.

We offer outstanding customer service with a personal touch and are always happy to answer any queries or styling advice, come and visit us at:


The History

DD Kids was started by a young mum Charlotte. It is a family run business.

The idea started back in 2011 with the birth of their niece. In looking around for baby clothes for her to wear, they were disappointed with the lack of variety and quality on offer in shops around the UK.


Getting Started

The girls had been impressed with the designs and quality of traditional Spanish clothing that they had seen in Spain and, sensing an opportunity, made the trip down to do some shopping and fact-finding. They found a such a level of quality  in both baby and children’s clothing that they couldn’t wait to get home and start sharing these products with discerning parents back in the UK.

They came back with a selection of beautiful, uniquely-made baby and children’s clothing and, after getting numerous compliments on their selections. They quickly set up a market stall and started selling their Spanish clothing lines to the public.

With the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, it seems that the UK has turned their focus in the direction of children well-being, and they we’re proud to be part of the movement.

In 2012 they decided to take the plunge and open their first boutique shop, they now have five people working for the Dainty Delilah label and are delighted to be able to offer so many styles of clothing, not just traditional.

Dainty Delilah feature over 20 lines of brand-name girl’s, boy’s and baby clothing by Spanish designers including Miranda children’s wear, Dolce Petit , La Amapola , La Marquestia real & a beautiful hand made baby company called Rochy.


Growing the Business

With the popularity of their product lines soaring, Dainty Delilah soon became an online clothing boutique in the form of an ecommerce website,. This gave all of our customers a direct opportunity to purchase these beautiful fashions without the need to leave the comfort of their homes.

Diving headlong into the business of offering their customers the finest in hand-crafted baby fashions, Dainty Delilah change their lines with the seasons, attending fashion shows, looking at fabric samples and designing their own collection as well as including other collections through research in the Spanish children’s clothing market.

The result is a hand-picked selection of unique, traditional, quality-made baby and children’s clothing that changes with the seasons, meaning your kids will always be appropriately and stylishly dressed no matter what the weather.

Moving into 2016 Dainty Delilah have invested substantially in providing their customers with the best online shopping experience by completely overhauling and upgrading their website to a fully responsive, multi featured ecommerce  shopping platform allowing desktop, tablet and mobile users, a faster, more robust online shopping experience, whist also updating the brand and giving it a fresh new, clean and professional look.


"We hope our customers like our new site, we feel it’s a huge improvement which we feel our customers can benefit from, we’ve spent a lot of time on the finer details, making sure that everyone who comes to our website not only enjoys the experience but finds it really easy to navigate and purchase products whether on a train journey home from work or relaxing by the pool on holiday."